Good bacteria of the earth


Good bacteria of the earth

The existence of good bacteria on the earth is human justice.
I want to be the good bacteria of the earth.
At the time of igniting the engine of the car, it is established as the behavior of the bad bacteria of the earth.
Avoiding electricity, water, gas and purchasing will soothe the earth’s stomach.
The existence of life forms has become a waste product of the earth.
7.8 billion bad bacteria kill the earth.
How to throw away all food?
It’s okay if you shit.
However, the earth cannot shit.
Coronavirus is a good bacterium for the earth.
Influenza and incurable diseases are the savior and good bacteria of the earth.
Humans can be recognized as the scariest bad bacteria and cancer cells.
Human mental health is unnecessary.
Life forms other than humans are not bad bacteria.
It does not stay in the stomach of the earth by the providence of nature.

Good bacteria among bad bacteria

There was a good bacterium in Sweden.
The white good bacteria are persuading the bad bacteria.
The good news for the planet is that many bad bacteria have turned into good bacteria.
However, the majority of bad bacteria remains the same.
As a good bacterium with no presence, I lighten the burden on the earth in my daily life.
The good bacteria in Asia that love theology, philosophy, loneliness and art are me.
Serious good bacteria are fed up with the news of bad bacteria.
And the active movement of bad bacteria is breaking my spirit.
There is an earth that is pouring water into its stomach to kill bad bacteria.
The drug is a coronavirus.
We were delighted together that God gave the earth a silver bullet.
I would like to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the coronavirus and the earth, which gave me the opportunity to return to nature.
I’m against society.
Useless activities are the catalyst for the results of eternal good dreams.

Atrophied bad bacteria

Occasionally, bad bacteria start to rampage, causing abdominal pain on the earth.
Have you ever had abdominal pain?
Do you know the suffering of not being able to defecate?
Being excluded from bad bacteria is a moving event and happiness.
It’s sad that there are a lot of stinking creatures living in the city.

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