Good luck

I have no choice but to work hard but everyday I’m only bad luck

Recently, I have been badly hit by a job interviewer at several companies and I have chosen a PC purchaser by mistake. I will not waste my previous efforts, and I may not be able to do the work of hope. We are aware of the fact that things do not go well if we try to climb up from the bottom of society. Everyone knows that it’s frustrating to be unrealistic but reality is real. I think I’m going to be desperate, but I’m going to pursue a cause by self-analysis firmly. Everyone is looking forward to life, and I am watching comedy shows and document shows to encourage myself. The presence of a businessman who lives desperately with broken relationships is encouraging for me and accepting mistakes. I want to find something like hope in the pressure of having to decide on a job for the rest of the month. It was mentally difficult, so I took a shower and refreshed my mind and made my heart calm. Anyway, I believe that something starts with rethinking the feeling of trying to solve the real problem as soon as possible. Now my life’s task is that I want to carry out economic activities and charity smoothly. I think that time is more important than money, and I have to make a choice that suits my height. After all the last human beings are all dead and I think I should definitely go in the direction I want to go. Recently I have gained knowledge of stocks and currency trading to gain business skills every morning. I have no doubt that my options are limited if I calculate my age from old age. I am convinced that I can not succeed forever unless I apply the lessons I learned after failing to the next challenge. People try to escape from various real problems, but I think that’s not very good. I am job hunting now and have no income, but I pay National Pension premiums, National Health Insurance fee, municipal tax, rent and utility charges. It is only natural to try to pay what you have to pay firmly, and I will not run away from reality. I’m in a frustration now, but I’m going to a job interview tomorrow in the morning again. I may not be able to do an honest video editing job, but I think it is better to move to a different potential. I do not mind doing a more restrictive life, I want to continue trying and do not give up overseas expansion. For me it is a daily routine to update blog posts daily and I am happy to write articles and to be happy. I also do research on subscription rates, but I basically don’t want many people to read my blog. It is not bad to keep doing something you like as a hobby even if you can’t just do things that can be fun. I have broken various important human relationships in order to get something and there is no one who regrets there. If I analyze the cause of being rejected in the interview myself, the cause may be inspiration. I have a doubt that I think it is reasonable to be a person who is unsuitable for group life and group activities, and I have to do economic activities alone. A few months ago I watched a document show called Winter of America. It was a program that introduced the appearance of an American family suffering from a needy life, and felt very close to the American. Homeless lives in cities around the world and I have a good look at the Youtube channel that interviews homeless. To study the important thing of asset management now is to protect oneself. I think it is difficult to accept the fact that there is only one who can rely on in a capitalist society.

After all, everyone is doing their best to care for themselves

It’s not good to complain about things that are made up of logic, and everyone needs to be a theorist. I think that my job failure story is a story without a big deal. The youngsters who are studying acting while being waitresses aiming for a Hollywood star also fail in the cast Audition. I can imagine a big dream and a frustration of being disappointed in a skyscraper. It was about the last year that I knew that the stability intention that the general public thinks is not stability intention. Even if I know the precondition that if I try, I will never fail I will be shocked and disappointed if I fail. We will fail if we try, but we will never fail if we try but we will never succeed. I remembered that someone said that it was important to drink and forget to drink if you failed. There is one who is trying to encourage the depressed one and raise the motivation again. Life is ups and downs with a wavy line graph that there are times when it is strong and when things are upset. I think it is important to always have a strong spirit under the condition that there is no 100% win rate. Anyway, attitude and positive behavior that try to stand up several times is the best.

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