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Play music is a useful app that lets you listen to your favorite artist’s songs during the first month of membership. I install it from a cell phone and I feel that it is 980 yen in a Japanese yen monthly basis and it is a fairly bargain paid application and I want to listen at commuting time. You may be able to listen to your favorite artist’s live music and rare sound so you can enjoy it very much and play music is an application that has a wide variety of music to suit your motivation. I think that the greatest advantage of using the app is that you can enjoy the music in combination with the music downloaded on Youtube and save the trouble of buying an audio device.

When I was moving by train to rent on the second Saturday of this month, I found play music where I was searching for apps on my mobile phone and installed it immediately and listened to music. I have listened to a limited song while putting a CD audio device in my pocket, and when I wanted to listen to a different song every time, I was listening to replace the CD one by one. When I was in my early 20’s, I used AIWA’s radio cassette equipment as a walkman, so I felt the convenience of the music app. With the development of modern apps constantly evolving, I feel that among the wide variety of apps, demand is particularly high for sharing photos, music and videos. I think the convenience of paid apps is always higher than that of free apps, and I think the software that can be used on business will be paid as well. In the age where movies and music are now commonplace to buy from the internet, modern people must cope with electronic money and learn Internet banking operations. The recognition that buying goods with banknotes and coins is outdated is correct and natural trees must be harvested when issuing banknotes when considering the global environment.

Google account

You need your own account to use the Internet, and by creating an account, you can shop and check online smoothly. We will have to understand the basic Internet and how applications and software work. The Internet is built by telephone lines, modern people are connected, and the wonder of receiving light will be certain. I can use the Internet according to the purpose of use by using the OS of Windows and MAC together, and I do not compare the two of Bill Gates and Jobs separately, I think the convenience life will not change simply.

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