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We have an impulse to create a place of relaxation in the tone of a comfortable music box. I do not advocate human narcissism that may want to get rid of all the noise and be self euphoric, but I think it would be better to work while listening to music. We can control our self-confidence by listening to realistic stories, and we need to study even if we become a member of society. It is natural that people have different emotions and it is difficult to maintain coordination. It is true that I am enriching the lives of people all over the world by the service of American tech companies, and I admit that I am a high-tech society. I used to buy a cassette recorder to an electric store in the city of Shinjuku and put it in mobile audio. I’ve realized that if we become a stereotyped person we will reduce your potential. The reason why I don’t listen to music on the train lately is because I just want to hear the sound of the train running. I’m standing in the train and should sit upright because I look at the window of the train and I want to train. It is not a problem of language barriers that I mainly do not listen to Western music, but it is music using the native language to change the emotion with music. It is not possible to enjoy music in a sense of branding in the long run and it is mind-changed with legendary music. The taste of the melody is different from person to person and I feel that it is the point that I can become a common feeling tendency with the singer. The feature of Google play that you can listen to selected songs from around the world is great. It seems like the pursuit of convenience is limitless when I live in an era where I can buy and sell goods using an internetwork. I want to know what the corporate philosophy of the existence of the big company Google. It is true that the business method of selling to homes is outdated, but I think that reason should be more important than emotion. I have a strong feeling of gratitude to Google for developing my business in a familiar situation.

Music and imagination

I always have my cell phone with me when I go out and make sure my cell phone is fully charged. The music I listen to on the way back after I feel good for job interviews is great, and I want to further enhance the mood moments with music. I’m always influenced by background music flowing in dramas and movies, and I always blend music and video. My memories and melodies match and I feel nostalgic every time I listen to music. I feel like I have a duty to create a mood while thinking that my life is composed of a series of light failures. Unexpectedly I think that I do not listen to the music before the game because of the personality and the music becomes noise in my nervous nervous state. I think that I can enrich my life by investing in material things like music for a long time, and I want to make everyone feel better. I love the song that sings about the little flowers that bloom in one corner of the city and I love the song Forget me not. Music media delivered on the internet are becoming active, but I think that the expressive power of modern musicians is poor compared to the past. Today’s young people who have grown up in a blessed greenhouse environment have become somewhat of a pity. Today’s young people may not have the opportunity to create an opportunity to create vitality to try their hardships towards fantasy and dreams. If the theme of the global scale imposed by modern people is the solution of global environmental problems, do not assimilate into the past way of life or way of thinking. We should not stick to material things because continuing to produce material products will continue to emit greenhouse gases. We believe that digitalization will lead to the solution of global environmental problems, and that the time for reform is now. I have never heard of buying a large record disc, but have experienced buying a lot of compact CDs. It is a situation where only limited music can be enjoyed with limited, and I feel strongly the convenience of the current music app. The way of commercial music is different from the old times is that it can be promoted to the whole world for free if it is uploaded to social media as a free video.

I want to thank Bell, Bill Gates and Jobs

I live with hopes and doubts if we can invent more ground-breaking equipment than this. Internet video is about to begin to spread further with 5G high speed communication power. We have to think about whether things should be made to progress in anticipation that video blogs will become widespread. In other words, the place to express in print narrows. It is important to follow the trend of the times, it is not necessary to stick to the old method of the past. Of course we will continue to update blog posts, but I strongly feel that we need to upload video blogs at the same time. I think it is difficult to organize and obtain a large amount of information at a stretch, so look ahead and go ahead. We believe that it is important to value exchanges to deepen analog interpersonal relationships while doing business in the IT industry. I still feel that the good old 70’s and 80’s songs are bigger and better than modern songs. I think it is important to balance the use of digital and analog, and I have the argument that the best inspiration can not be created in a comfortable space.

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