I like male gorillas.
Female gorillas are small and resemble chimpanzees.
Male gorillas, on the other hand, have a triangular occipital region, long arms and short legs.
It seems that the male gorilla himself does not care about his appearance.
Watch the zoo gorillas suffer from free time.
However, non-human creatures are not operating with a cause.
Life without a sense of purpose, a sense of duty, or a sense of tension is really painful.
The zoo is a lazy square.
The zoo, where a herd of vulnerable gorillas lives, is the same as the dark single room of internet addicts.

Gorilla face

I think there are many women who like gorilla faces.
I want to get the skeleton of a gorilla’s face.
In my spare time, I refer to the behavior of zoo gorillas.
Since this is not a place of expression, reference acts are allowed.
I sometimes emulate the appearance of a gorilla who desperately does not show the pretense of searching for a cause or business.
The gorilla isn’t thinking about anything.
However, the gorilla will be living an inspiring life in the reality that the food is rolling universally.
The expression of the gorilla during the day is a poker face.
But it turns out to be the same with the masses of the outside world.

Surprisingly brainwashing media advertising

Gorilla do not eat bananas.
Sure, gorillas eat fruits, but their main course is the main dish.
A surprising story creates charm.
Never believe in the print of brainwashing media advertisements.
Commercials make the lives of others the most unhappy.
It’s not free.
Trust people who are doing free service.
The things that can be charged are meals, necessary medicines and taxes.
You can carefully observe your favorite animals and review things.

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