Graduation from office worker


Graduation from office worker

The age of seeking the richness of the heart is the present age.
It is no longer an age to make and sell cars and refrigerators to earn money and seek the convenience of life.
Carelessly interviewing or joining a company is nonsense.

1. Report company resignation policy three months ago
2. Secure living expenses after resignation
3. Studying to acquire skills at home after resigning
4. Short-term part-time job if saving of living expenses is insufficient
5. Build skills and achievements while working in short months

I just don’t get a job

If you are interested in a job, I think you can get a job.
However, if you want to earn living expenses, you should work on a short-term contract.
It is important not to make any more mistakes.
I know the hardships of the manufacturing, delivery and hospitality businesses.
I know it is impossible to continue working in such an industry.
The company exists for the company.
The company doesn’t exist for you.
You are not working for the company.
You are working for yourself.
Can you do more than 8 hours of simple work for 10 years?
People consume large amounts to release the stress of harsh work.
You should be aware of this stupid society.

I will not hesitate anymore

It’s important to disregard your parents and believe in yourself.
It is 100% true that parents sought sex pleasure.
She recognizes that the pleasure of her pleasure is herself.
Parents are not an absolute God.
I am convinced that anger is the life-changing engine.
There is no doubt that my anger of anger that I will not be fooled is protecting myself.

Regular employees are dead words

Do you misunderstand that you have eternal life?
Work should be time-bound so that life is limited.
I want you to ignore the news that doesn’t resign early and focus on your skills.
There are many recruitment of regular employees.
It’s an advertisement that seeks victims of jobs that everyone doesn’t want to do.
How long do you keep making things developed in the past?
I myself have had one full-time experience.
The only reward for my regular employees is a vacant $ 2 raise.

Anyway, keep seeding effort

There is no other way than happiness to make humans happy.
I think that you should continue to seek a sense of accomplishment until you die, like breathing until you die.
Challengers should keep uploading YouTube videos.
Challengers should keep posting blog posts.
I am convinced that by continuing YouTube videos and blog posts even if no one can see them, the spirit can grow.
Keep doing it anyway! ! !

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