Green Tea


Green Tea

Drink plenty of green tea to prevent indigestion
Working while drinking green tea
Anyway, I spend my days drinking only green tea
I try to drink green tea to prevent the onset of cancer
Drinking plenty of green tea and water to improve…


I am not drinking at all or smoking

I often see obese Americans on Youtube videos
It may be possible to maintain a healthy body by Japanese eating habits and food culture
I have many elements that I can do aerobic exercise and maintain a healthy body because I work in sales.
I observe stomach fat daily and manage physical condition
Certainly junk food is delicious but it is not a health food
The food culture of indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia and Oceania is extremely healthy but I would like to recommend Japanese food
I think it is important not to buy food containing carcinogenic substances

Eating habit

Every morning I drink juice and green tea to promote morning excretion.
My breakfast is natto or a loaf of bread or banana
Lunch is only 2 dollars salad of company cafeteria
After lunch I take a nap for 30 minutes and work in the afternoon
It is not necessary to do a holiday run because the daily work tasks are aerobic exercise
A company training room will be essential for people in office work

Daily body care

I use eye drops after getting up and before going to bed
I only have 3 drops of eye drops on my eyes
So that I use raw cabbage as an appetizer
Sometimes taking gastrointestinal medicines to promote gastrointestinal digestion
We promote autonomic nervous system by massaging neck, waist and scalp
I realize that health is the form of happiness for humans
Wearing rain gear and operating on a rainy day, you can burn fat by running through the city
I want to take the initiative in aerobic exercise and maintain a healthy body while working

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