Guatemala and Honduras

Guatemala and Honduras

Everyone knows it by the news, a large amount of Latin Americans such as Guatemalan and Honduras are going to be mass immigrants to America.

Probably the us army probably will stop it.

How is the crown of central and South America now? I think recently I wonder why these immigration problems are occurring every year. I reckon they probably will apply for refugee status but it is doubtful whether it will be applied in the united state. Surely we must take care of their crisis situation and have to help them right away. We can not really do anything to help them directly, but we could do it much as a relocation. Its a kind of strange story, but I may be struck by the urge I want to take off an adopted child. In fact it is unfortunate that economic margins to nurture adoption can not be done it is a fact that there is toothless in fact.

Will they not apply for refugee status in Mexico?

I once thought about immigrating to America, but now I dont feel that feeling at all it was because I thought that I could not make a happy life if I assumed my social ranking in the real world of the United States. I think they are desperately trying out the country to survive, but such a reality is very hard. it is true that even Americans who live in the United States work desperately to become happy and it is true that they can not be happy if they are in the United States and that is the case, but that illusion may happen. In nay country there is a social class system and I think that it is the core of this story eventually. The important thing is whether you are acquiring skills to earn high income. Skill is abundant knowledge and experience basically. I ma interested in these immigrant stories because Im thinking of immigrants. Important things to do immigration are important first to prepare in advance before immigration. For example, to say about work, to find appointments and to look it up on the internet before actually going to be the country there. It is also necessary to firmly grasp that the high domestic demand is low for each job category. Im actually thinking about immigrants but I have not been going to look for work at the local site or trying to study abroad to there. The idea that it would manage somehow if I actually go to the site is very dangerous and taking high risk. Its okay if we do preliminary inspection of the country in advance to the country of the immigrant. I think that there is so something that you dont know unless you visit the site. But their situation is totally different from that and they cant afford to do that.

Why will they not go to Mexico or Brazil or Argentina or Chile or near countries from their country. I am also very interested in the countries of Latin America and my partner who was unrequited love was a Latin American. Although I am not very familiar with it, I heard that the United States is providing support to emerging countries in Latin America. President trump is trying to cut off support money. Since I think that the basic solution is to develop the economy of the country, if the immigration can be simply accepted the problem will not be solved. I feel like these problems are mainly concentrated in North America, Europe and Australia. Because the continental countries basically have borders, I think that such a problem would be tough if we are from people who live in the island country. Accepting refugee is supported by the tax of the accepting country, it will be disadvantageous to the receiving side in that way. Therefore it is important for humans who immigrate to think in the opposite position of the immigrants. The crime rate in Latin America is very high and it is clearly understood by the statistics, and surely I will do so if they become their position. An essential solution is to develop that country. If they want to spend a really happy life, nothing should be limited to America alone. For us there are many countries in the world with over 190 countries and regions and there are many countries to choose. I think that we can only fill the cultural differences and eventually I think that it depends on the persons feelings. Since there are also the internet in their country, I feel that getting lots of information day by day is what they should do first. And since things will soon not produce good results, we have to make efforts day by day. I also do my best every day so that I can immigrate to the country I desire. I think that foreign countries other than the United States should accept their refugee and it is the first thing to regain their lives as soon as possible.

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