Spread of adjusted lives

It is painful to get up on cold each morning for the past month.

When I get up from the bed, turn on the switch of the electric blanket which was turning on making a bet first.

Turn off the electric stove by turning on the power of the desktop PC while withstanding the cold room and the freezing floor by turning off the effect sound of ASMR which promotes the sleeping effect.

First of all, drink a bite cold water and check e-mails and yahoo’s news while eating bananas.

And I decided the flow of the work of today’s day and my day will start.

  1. Camera Maintenance
  2. Posting a new blog post
  3. Editing video and images
  4. Posted on YOUTUBE
  5. Outdoor photography of photos or videos
  6. Learning with online video and gathering information
  7. Psychic unity in meditation

My way of traveling is exclusively on foot, but I have no complaints about my car’s inattention. Maintaining your own mind always has the best condition.

I am keenly aware that the power of God created all things is amazing.

God’s power to form all the birth places of individuals, family members, nationality, appearance and personality, etc. to the world does not compare with human power.

There is only a sense of fulfillment after achieving what will heal the daily fatigue.

I do not know what is behind sorrow, but there is feeling of sorrow, disappointment and anger at the end of pleasure, recognizing that there is joy, smile or euphoria at the end of sadness and there is no loss.

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