When do you feel like getting own happiness stuffs or something like exceed enjoyments?

Everyday I just try to achieve each petty goals and it has might kind of own customs in my life.

It’s just once in this lifetime for ourselves.

Anyone is wanting to get comfortable and excitements on holidays or weekends.

But you know what to compliment own desires is connect with happiness?

Honestly I wish I could always been studying a lot of subjects until become a older which is not able to hear or speak anymore.

What I want to do is firstly try to do something and aiming at goal and compile some knowledges or experiences or pragmatical hatches to whole skills.

It has must total fascination to see own potential or talent.

I don’t need to scruple studying and learning and watching any category for real.

If you wanna get good job

What if you gonna have to manual work at all day?

It is absolutely important thing that is seek for good job until be pensioner.

Firstly what I am supposed to do is compromising to abandon hobbies and lover and friends and family.

There is such a pronounced meritocracy in any business fields and at the beginning we all people have to know about suffering or plight. It must kind of obligation for first step up.

I do remember such a sufferance.

Be alone

Basically we all human is being alone anytime.

What to become alone or lonely man is certainly level up to next hierarchy.

But usual persons never noticed that and it just will keep on doing as same time old as far as I know.

Sometimes you will might feel like it’s just boring to ensure working for exam and non having party or fun times.

I disagree with such a theory which life is meaning that spend a lot of party stuffs for a long time.

What we must invest things which are educations and transit costs for getting good job is that it won’t be worry about lack of importance knowledges.

Useful and useless

So I tell you that crucial answer is logical thinking for daydream.

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