I often using library which is near Harajuku station and then I read some novels for killing time.
Today I tried to take some pictures for blog’s advertisement.📸 I used smart phone📱 to take a picture and location was Yoyogi park. 🌲🌲

Many tourists for rugby world cup 2019

You can see many foreign tourist in front of Harajuku area and their interest thing is almost takeshita street well.
I don’t think japan team will beat scotland as previous games.

Everyone seem killing time

I can’t say hello to foreigner in Japan because I don’t even say hello to japanese, it’s kind of racism for me. But I think everyone is waiting for something happen and seeking for excitement. Every actions are wasting?

Hi my name is yasu, can I have your name?


  • Ignore me😅
  • Spill my foot😥
  • Just say Hi to me😏

Forget about it. I will try to do at EF school.🏫

It had spent 3days since quit job. Honestly I would like to abroad foreign country as sightseer. However my lack is definitely cost of travel💰. I can’t.

To foreigners who lives in Japan

Please contact me📧. It’s wasting time.😒
Anyway I look forward to meet something.😀
God bless us.
Now I’m going to church which is near Shibuya’s station.
yasunari kayama 🦔

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