After back to hometown from kawasaki that I made change everyday lifecycle since 4days ago. I have started creating animation movie to post youtube and then I bought Adobe Anime CC for it and right now hanging on it.

Two times meal a day

My bed time is almost 5hours that means between 8pm to 2am. And I eat breakfast at around 2am everyday. One bakery and milk are my current breakfast actually. I do work in early morning and after work that I get some sleep before sunrise. Again I wake up at 7am and I go to workplace which is fast-food chain store to keep working once more. I can’t focus working on in household’s situation.

Marathon on country-road

I don’t wanna lacking roadwork for physical condition. Also I am getting fat a bit because I am not hard-worker as employee. You know once my lunch was only cabbage and water. That lifecycle was worst thing for human. I do running on parkland after second work and how meter is about 6 to 10km a day. It depends on physical condition or weather condition, it necessary to care of every conditions.

Creation is hard

It’s absolutely hard thing for creator. Making animation movie 5minutes is for me that it’s difficult to think over of scenario before making animation’s characters and I have to prepare to draw background of animation movie. It means that I’m gonna have to take two part of animation work.

Working on it.

Saving is health living

I just would say it that whole efforts or patients or faith for something is going to lead us to best glory future ever. Cost of living a day is almost 10dollars haha. Dramatically such a unfortunately happens make me feel good inside. It’s strange.

Set up!!

Day after tomorrow, 7th november I am gonna have to leave here to take class in technical school. I will go to Tokyo again. If you will get Tokyo, you can make appointment to meetup there.


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