Heat wave in Euro


Heat measures

Hi guys what’s up?
I feel it’s a weight loss season isn’t it?
When I go to work in the morning, I usually wear long-sleeved jackets and long pants
I think it is important to sweat and improve metabolism
So I have started to roadwork in every early morning without rainy days

Loss of appetite

Recent lunch menu is salad and apple juice or orange juice
I’m doing some work to rehydrate properly so as not to develop ureteral calculi
The diet effect has come out by global warming
This is a really ironic story and then I am very nerve to talk about it
It isn’t able to sleep as well as sleepy baby bear does

People who put pork fat on their face and make them smell perfume
I feel sickly because of the city’s steamy heat

Running up the stairs of the apartment
Unloading or lifting luggage
Working manually in the daytime steamy heat is an amazing diet effect

Heavy clothes
Save money with snacks and save money

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