Heaven is like a good dream

Heaven is like a good dream

I think everyone has an experience of having a good dream
I think that the desire to always have a good dream is a natural thing
And I think the world of heaven is like a good dream
No one will know about the world after death and everyone is expecting the world after death
I’m convinced that not fulfilling my desires for life is a shortcut to heaven
It is because I go to heaven that I am alive and discipline myself in order not to make any more mistakes
I do not regret having neglected the wonderful encounter in Yoyogi Park
Only my own reason or personality may be a merit
There are few people alone who spend time in the park and only I am looking up at the sky alone
I will not ask for love because I can only wonder if someone speaks
It was several years ago that I decided to live in solitude until I died
Anyway, I live like playing a cool movie protagonist
And I just never meet my desire to get a one-way ticket to heaven

Days to see the last train and walk home

I feel myself a romantic man
After all, the information posted in social media is the existing information, and everyone is struggling with expression techniques
So I do not try to sell information products and I think it is good to share my own
I want to dream quietly at the end of the endless universe
However, I feel like I am being watched by God every day and feel the sight and existence of God
I sat in a park where nobody wanted to look lonely and lonely in the park
Then someone passes by in front of me and I can not be alone in the park
I felt that God who noticed the existence of a poor me sent other people for me
White blond girl came in front of me and approached me
But I just listened to Google play and kept ignoring the girl
Because I have decided not to call other people outdoors
I have a plan and I don’t want to start throwing away goals
Also, if you sit in the same place in Yoyogi Park on weekends and next week, you will not be bothered
I want to be able to hold a calm position and to stabilize my life by dreaming romantically
I’m aware that I’m really aware of death and I’m really living alone
I have a lot of feelings but I think I can still seek a dream because I have no experience with love
I continue to see the fate of the final train, and I choose a tired way of life called loneliness
What I am going to do is to succeed in the internet business
After all you can not live by making money and pursuing the truth

Affirms death every time I honor the late one

There are still many problems and it is hard to live and it is normal to become selfless
I want to accept the death to the fact of Bobmary’s death at the Jamaican Festival in Yoyogi Park
Before the reality that everyone will die someday, we enjoy entertainment to escape reality
I think we need to understand the essence of happiness early as we put an end to a never ending competitive society
Truth is important to me and I think that my daily confession is the proof that I am alive
So I actively post video blogs on Youtube and update blog posts daily
I want to keep my own traces for the people of the future until they die
I really want to live with a loved one for love but it is foolish to have a huge problem for me
We have learned and understood the history of our predecessors that temporary mental pleasures make people unhappy
If Bobmary was alive now, he would have been an 80-year-old grandmother
I can not think that longevity is good when I imagine the appearance of my old man

Seeing sweet dreams forever is to live forever in heaven

In order to get eternal life, we must obey God’s teachings
And we sway between the virtual image of the real world, the temptation of Satan and the good intentions and justice
It is just that we are the existence of a lost lamb

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