High quality


High quality

It ’s no wonder that you ’re struggling to keep delivering high-quality video.
However, I feel that there are too many Youtubers updating low-quality videos.
Why do they post short videos every minute for every day?
I know their intentions and I always collect information.

1. Break point

I am convinced that there are several breakpoints in my life.
Most people immediately seek good results.
However, the process time to success is unexpectedly long and I think breakpoints will come suddenly.

2. years later

If you can’t get good results in a few years, you can compromise.
That means changing goals and dreams.
I have become a judo player, amateur wrestler, singer-songwriter and painter.
But now I live as a web creator.
Junior high school life is three years and high school life is three years in Japan.
As a special sports student, I set a goal in junior high school for high school recommended admission.
It was to win the third place in the prefectural convention within the third year of junior high school.
However, he left Judo because he could only get results up to the best 8 of the tournament.
For other genres, the period was determined in the same way, and the vector of life was corrected with the result of several years later.

3. Closed

I think actors and singers who are on holiday are looking for ways to express themselves.
No one expresses a masterpiece every year in this world.
Can you understand the intentions of an artist who has to be closed to create a masterpiece?
Why are high-quality, limited-volume sports cars more highly rated than regular passenger cars that are mass produced in low quality?


If you don’t have a good idea, you should rest.
After collecting information, information should be organized and a future schedule should be established.
Of the tens of thousands of famous music artists’ demo songs, there are about 3 masterpieces.
I want you to understand that it is better to ask for quality than to ask for results.

I’m disappointed that I don’t have a masterpiece every time I see my past Youtube or oil paintings so far.

It’s no high quality ⬇️
Thank you

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