Now I’m thinking seriously about working with dairy in the future.
Because I feel that the last point of my life is Hokkaido.
Actually I myself can not live all the time in the dirty and narrow city of the city.
I really want to live quietly in a rich natural environment.
However, it is essential to make efforts to achieve your dreams and goals.
So I think I should think about my own future life.

Natural Environment of Honshu in Japan and My Ideal Environment

Well I want to be active until I die.
I think that being retired in life is going to die.
The meaningless and empty way of life to consume is nonsense, you know.
Originally I am interested in farming.
And then I think human food is vegetables and fruits.

Also vegetables and fruits are essential to maintain a healthy body.

And I think it is important to become a vegetarian quickly, I want to recommend.
I think you need a wonderful natural environment to have a balance between home and work.
Living in old age in urban bettown is too bad for me.
Watching TV and Internet all day long is a non-productive activity.
I think that inefficient behavior will be caused by unproductive behavior.
Uhh.. I want to be a hard worker as a farmer.

I originally wanted to move to the continent. It looks a largest placement which is able to run away with dog.
In fact I wanted to live in the vast areas of the Americas and Eurasia.
So I feel tightness when I live in a narrow island country.

I think Hokkaido is the most similar place to the continental environment in Japan

So we plan to move to Hokkaido in the future.
I want to do my best to be a dairy farmer haha.
Year I think it would be great to devote a lifetime to learning like a lifelong learner
Hokkaido is a relatively cool place, and I think it is a right decision to move to Hokkaido in the light of future global warming
It is an efficient story to aim at agriculture in the situation where local migration support is active
I want to embody the wonders of staying self-supporting and challenging

Dairy farming in Hokkaido
Purchase a loan with a cheap seller in the countryside
I want to read on holidays while listening to the natural sounds of mountains, the sea and rivers
My Sleep Sound is the sound of rain or river
Certainly the city is attractive but I think the best place to live is the countryside

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