Holidays are the game?

Holidays are the game?

There are a lot of people who hate work
There are a lot of people who feel stressed in the relationships of a disgusting company
There are a lot of people who go to work with anxiety
They are just doing their job waiting for the holidays
But it feels stupid
The driving force of human life is fulfillment, achievement and expectation

I especially care about expectations and want to live while always expecting something

Learning various things from life experience while changing life view
And I created oil paintings at home after work
In 2015 I actually tried to use the working holiday system in Canada
In 2014, I decided that I couldn’t get a sense of happiness by migrating overseas by re-creating oil paintings.
And I was 30 when I abandoned my goal of moving overseas and started pursuing creation.
I had to work to live anyway, so I cherished holidays and time after work
There is no choice but to study alone because there is no room for paying tuition fees for vocational schools to acquire specialized knowledge and skills.

I have been trying to increase my own potential by studying on the Internet

Most people spend money on the entertainment industry and dining out to relieve work stress
But I think the important thing is to escape from the difficult five-day work
I think that two days of wasted spending should be turned into tuition to improve skills
I changed my mind when I saw people with tired faces going to work on Monday morning
I worked overtime every day and had no time to study online.
I realized that the holiday was a game
I decided to invest myself while the people around me were dedicated to the entertainment industry
I have no interest in advertising media in the excursion, dining out or entertainment industries

Think about options

I moved to the city in March this year
The reason for moving to the city is to get a job at a web production company in Tokyo
I want to do creative work to pursue my own potential
I feel dissatisfied with the city life but I endure the city life for my own purpose
But I’m thinking about the next option if I can’t find a job
Everyone agrees to do their best to realize their dreams and goals, but I think it’s not good to try unrealistic challenges
I think it’s important to think of the second option as a mental stabilizer so that you don’t rush if you fail.
I don’t want to leave regret in a single life, I want to live until I die

1 Return home
2 Regional migration
3 Change of job route

I’m thinking about people’s trends recently
I feel that humans are very bored creatures
I feel that there are many people who can’t reach even if they seek a safe place to live, or even if they stare at their profession, they change jobs again
I am very bored and always looking for new things and stimuli
I feel that there may be no limit to human satisfaction so that there is no goal in life
Humans may have to get lost until they die

yasunari kayama

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