Home work and part-time work

Home work and part-time work

It’s very difficult for me to achieve the goal of $ 1,000 a month.
I am convinced that I cannot find a job at a production company or venture company.
The artist may be a socially incompatible person.
I live every day without forgetting to keep moving anyway.
People who always give up their commitment to maintain stability.
Even if you find yourself worthwhile, it is difficult to make a hobby a profession.
Each time I remember Van Gogh and encourage myself.
I thought deeply about the essence of life to cherish a one-off life.
The final answer is to keep your eyes moving.
I want to continue to be a challenger when I turn 50.
He decides to continue his creative activities even if his own artistry is denied by others.

Preparing for a masterpiece during unemployment

I love photographers, painters, musicians and potters who don’t sell.
Society shows us the stability of life.
And the surrounding people lose their stability.
People who enjoy life at a delicious dining table and holiday leisure.
We artists create while accepting their poor lives.
It is true that there is a light of hope in poverty.
I am satisfied that I am unemployed while feeling various thoughts.

Stray cat

Most stray cats are hostile to humans.
Domestic dogs barking at people while feeling stressed at home.
Which is the right way to live: a stray cat, a domestic cat, or a domestic dog?
Stray cats are not artists, but they do not have their stability.
My feelings of living like a stray cat are a desire for love.

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