How to treat own mentality and physicality

Make a quietly room for a moment

  1. Stop motion
  2. Ignore time
  3. Listen to little noise from town or sound of o’clock
  4. Be actor

I am stop working now. I had chosen freedom from these sections, fame and money and freedom. Once a upon time that I’ve had driven crazy about goldfish and martial arts, judo and wrestling, and rumors. Sometimes I remember of various memorial days and then I intend to enjoy such a jerked happened. However there are many regrets in my mind. So what to remember of past is goodness and badness for me.
I had often went to read library on weekend with my friend who’s name is sekigutchan. We were totally stupider because our interests were funny jokes. That was not make sense for ourselves.
it’s long time ago.

Please let me introduce my apartment ↓

For people who’s live large household, my apartment’s space is too narrow and uncomfortable to stay. But what to get new experience is good thing for me.

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