Homeless preparation


Homeless preparation

I may be homeless in the future.
But now I am preparing to be homeless.
We are convinced that we will die without welfare and the support of family and relatives.
And she is prepared to die without leaving a YouTube video without being able to run a blog.
I’m just not pessimistic about homelessness and I’m interested in living on the street.
I think that there is something necessary for street life in the winter season.
Now I need to buy a lot of blankets and jackets now.

The road to the homeless

1) Nonpayment of National Health Insurance Premium
2. Delinquency payment of municipal tax
3) Non-payment of property tax
4) Non-payment of utilities
5 Foreclosure from the government office
6 Forfeiture of property
7 Losing your place of residence
8 Collect luggage and secure a living area near the riverbed
9 catch garbage
Collect 10 aluminum cans and go to the garbage collection to make money
11 Corrugated cardboard strengthens residential area

Foreign Homeless Special Videos

I always watch YouTube videos from homeless interviews in the United States.
I’m thinking about the difference between Japanese homeless and American homeless.
I think the United States has a colder climate, and Japan is a relatively warm area, so it is a comfortable place for homeless people.
However, American homeless people do not feel pessimistic.
I’m impressed by the smiles of the losers of American society, which has a very rich and poor gap.
I met the homeless in France and the UK.
I remember giving homeless change to the homeless in the city of Manchester, England.
British homeless people live with their dogs and ask citizens for money in paper cups.

Chaplin Quotes

He said that dress should be a gentleman, no matter how poor he is.
I think it’s a great quote and it’s humorous.
I’m going to shave in the park when I get homeless at the age of 60, and I plan to have my own haircut.
I feel the aesthetics of dying while remembering the words of comedy actors in the world.
I have paid taxes and premiums until now, but I have no complaints about dying without benefiting from society.
Ultimately, I think the loser is the coolest symbol.

Homeless background

I feel suicidal and I am convinced.
I have no regrets about breaking my relationship with society or society for my own dreams and goals.
I think it’s my life’s task to service everything around me.
The result of being honest with yourself is being homeless.

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