There are so many homeless intros world and almost people got some experience which had seen homelessness on the street. Somehow such a thing for me that feels like I am going to be homeless in my future and so thats totally crisis to me. Cant anticipate further difference gap between current situation and the appearance of future. But its gonna be helpless to survive if to be homeless. Sometimes I would image it so that I will have been to district of poverty in somewheres city or something like locations. Then what if we gonna be homeless since tomorrow at sudden. Still own private areas but its very possibility to be homeless because of loosing job for a long times.

How much is your bank account so far? And how much is it total? Rumor has it that modern young people dont have saved money for something and obviously they are being optimistic persons for me and I oppose to them as a pessimist.

In my countrys case that every single year 30000 over people are suiciding because of economic crisis or something like that unfortunately. Thats non sense to us and I dont think suiciding is willing to solve all thing after that. The point of this topic is intention of working for living even if there are so hardworking. If not require good points of working that it supposed to be maintained job for us and I think why some people seem to struggle finding new job out for a long time is just not compromising self situation gap between reality and ideal appearance.

I dont deny homelesss personal character and I understand their hardly situation right there. Surely there are so many jobs which kind of blue color job, not office working, excessive requirement of working is. if you have already some practical job skills before looking for job you will be able to get good job quickly. The most important is such a highly and practical job skill to get good jobs as easily. Maybe true color workers havent even especial good skill or masters degree I think. We have to consider it which way of modern innovations direction. Also unpractical certifications for getting good jobs that is nothing for employer. In fact original environment is influenzas our life to get it through as well. For example that I suppose I wont get marry on my lifetime, because I still not having big funds to fost a family. Cant afford to let son or daughter go to study university.

I thought and thought about my future and one day I could conclude real happiness or some kind of commodities to my life. We are absolute differ characters intros world. Its not necessary to scruple learn and obtain skills to get good jobs for us and I am not afraid of taking responsibilities to take some risky. Its possibly thing that I am supposed to live under the bridge in nearly future.

Ive seen some movie which kind of content is a lot of homeless living in LA, just shocked scene was for me.

I hope some NPOs foundation is going to mass power of donations as soon as possible and also I do donate WFP, world food programme only $10 every month. Thats all for children.

WFP : world food programme

Please could you check it.

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