Hot water life

Hot water life

I’m drinking hot water recently.
The reason is to warm up the body.
To be honest, we are refraining from heating the air conditioner to reduce our electricity bill.
Winter mornings are really hard, so I go to bed with hot water every night.
Drinking hot water can increase your metabolism.
I can improve my bowel movements and feel that it is effective for mental unity.
In addition to drinking hot water to actually warm his body, he does push-ups.
I want to strengthen my muscles and make my muscles bigger.
Because I live in the countryside, I have a very good environment for exercising.

Animation production while drinking hot water

We work while drinking hot water every morning because it is cold in the morning and the afternoon.
I’m happy to work while drinking hot water.
Since I work while listening to music, I can stay focused.
I work lonely to maintain quality, and I take care of my mind so that I am not affected by others.

Mental management

We maintain an optimal environment for mental management and value healthy living.
I’m convinced that my lifestyle controls my life anyway.
I am convinced that buying drinking water is useless.
I remember my old grandfather drinking tea every day.
I’ve been drinking carbonated water, but now I’m familiar with the negative effects of sugar chemicals.
It accuses adults of buying their favorite foods and drinking water.
Children with no knowledge or experience can be tolerant of eating junk food.
However, I think that you should learn to control in consideration of knowledge and experience when you grow up.

Stomach and colon camera

I have taken a stomach camera and looked inside the stomach and esophagus.
I have also seen the inside of the large intestine with the colon camera in the anus.
So you can manage your health while imagining the internal organs.
He drinks hot water with the consciousness of cleaning internal organs.
I think that warming the body can improve blood circulation in the body.
In fact, I myself feel that the quality of my hair is getting stronger.

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