How to cure a cold

How to cure a cold

Recently I suffered from a cold
My throat hurts and my runny nose does not stop, I feel cold and I work with a headache
First of all I really want to rest in the hospital but I can’t leave the company
Secondly I think I can rest my company if my condition is bad enough to walk
And so I am affirming that I keep working and continue my work
However, it is really hard and difficult to do sales activities
There are many ways to cure a cold
I basically want to cure my illness with natural remedies, exercise and diet
So I will never be advised to cure my illness with medical therapy
I want to cure the disease relying on my own resistance and immunity rather than over-the-counter drugs
If you can not cure the disease on your own, you rely on medicine
Modern pathogens feel like they are growing
I am disappointed with the abnormal weather caused by climate change
We are devising not to take food containing population additive
I want to eat organically grown crops and eat vegetables and fruits that are shipped directly from the field

Aerobic exercise and sweating will lower your body temperature

Cycling to Yoyogi Park and jogging in the park
It is good to jog in Yoyogi Park during the hot summer months

I just sleep

It is good to sleep without eating anything
Sleeping is the best treatment
Taking extra nutrients to get rid of the toxins in the body is not good

Enter the sauna for 30 minutes to promote sweating

It is important to sweat in order to improve metabolism
The best way to get into the sauna room after exercising

I do not recommend diet very much

you can follow me, if you want

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