How to get along with loneliness


How to get along with loneliness

I have lived a lonely life for over 15 years.
And I will continue to enjoy the life of loneliness.
A lonely person means a single person.
Giving a child means ending a lonely life.
It is because it is an obligation that the masses must continue to take on disgusting work.
You have to make money such as tobacco, alcohol, childcare and social expenses.
I would like to advise the masses who have created such situations themselves.
But it is not allowed to upset the precious lives of the masses.
So I want to talk about my own feelings.
I am an introverted person, a very sentimental and nervous person.
So you can’t live well in society.
Loneliness is the best life style for me.
So I think lonely life is very difficult for diplomatic people.
If a sociable person begins a lonely life, he must become an introverted person.
I feel that it is a reckless challenge from my experience of being born and transformed into a diplomatic person.
Anyway, lonely life is a system for special humans.
A lonely life is a system for artists and introverts such as artists and novelists.

I do n’t mind being loved
You don’t have to have fun
A quiet space for everyday life
Room without love

Understand people who value introverts from a passive perspective.
There is no denying the feelings of those who value the diplomatic human life as correct.
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
Like the British Parliament where the pros and cons do not progress, there is no answer.
There is no need to look for an answer because there is no correct answer.
So I have no preconceptions about loneliness.

How to get along with loneliness

I am lonely and not lonely.
A French journalist said this:
‘Loneliness is not a lonely because loneliness is an important partner in life’.
I and myself are myself.
My counselor is myself, and answering my own questions means consulting with me.
I am always amazed by the magic of loneliness that can universally create a quiet space.
Unfortunately My father is myself.
Also My mother is myself.
My brother is myself and my relatives and fiance are myself.
Well I am on my own behalf of all my precious people.
I am a person who understands me better than anyone else.
And he is the best comprehension and best friend.
When you want to be loved, just hug yourself and speak your own words.
That’s just a word.
The daily life of whispering is quite creepy when viewed objectively.
However, they are not self-sacrificing.
I am a devout Christian and read the Bible every day.
Protecting the teachings of the Bible and what is written in the Bible is the navigation of life.
I let myself input the teachings of Christ.
In order for me to remember the teachings of Christ, I deliberately remember my partner.
It is important to realize that there is another person, himself, so that there is good and evil in the human heart.
Loneliness is practically alone, but don’t catch things from an abstract perspective.
The first step in dealing with loneliness is to recognize the existence of another person, yourself.

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