How to make characters


How to make characters


Before making creation that I would let own mind complete empty and not searching some hint of making characters recreation. I just struggling to make creation right now. Everyday life is simply thing for us, you know. If impossible to create anime’s character, I’ll be stopping work and get some sleep or do other things.

My icon is main character


My character, your character, there are so much characters in this world you know. I’m not outgoing to be teammate for each other. I try to add each characters some habits or effective or defective in scenario sometimes. It’s fun that to find people’s reaction to something happen. Especially differ sense of foreigner is very curious thing for me. but general citizen must feel ridiculous it.


Try drawing anything

I am not able to advise people about ordinarily method of creation. In one words that try it, check it out, enjoy it. Next morning I just am going to make effect self-animation and rethink over it after work. By the way, when I was kid, it was good at drawing video game’s character, megaman as well.

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