How to reduce appetite

How to reduce appetite

Nervousness is point

1. Black coffee

I’m studying at a coffee shop by watching a free internet salon video.
Always order $ 1 hot coffee or iced coffee.
Milk and syrup are not required.
I want to burn calories when watching and editing videos for about 2 hours.

2. Look at the slender body

Imitate the appearance of the actors and singers you longed for.
It disappears the appetite several minutes ago and behaves as a longing object.
When imitating Brad pitt’s gesture in front of the mirror, the appetite has completely disappeared.

3. Receive a love call

You can gain vitality by reading comments from your favorite opposite sex.
When human beings find hope, they think that they are living creatures that gain a high level of action.
I think I can do my best to be modest and seek more love calls.

There are many stalls on the street in Tokyo.
I’m surprised by the appetite of people starting to line up to eat delicious food.
I think it is very important to have a resting day to improve the body’s cleansing.
Don’t be influenced by a famous inventor who defined three meals a day.
A 24-hour convenience store.
Dozens of supermarket companies.
People who have to keep eating the food that has been transported to the conveyor belt.

4. Look at disgusting things

If you see an object you don’t like, you lose your ability to live.
I don’t watch disliked Youtube videos or unpleasant news.
Objects that are disliked only by appearing with a search keyword have the effect of reducing appetite.
Is there a person who eats a lot while being seriously depressed or worried?


I feel that my appetite is secreted by a sense of security.
Extreme fasting is never good, but it is important to interrupt lunch and snacks again.
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