How to regain your concentration


How to regain your concentration



I’m currently making an animation in a room in a countryside apartment. It is very difficult to maintain mental unity because it is close to a lazy life. I worked at a fast food restaurant every morning until recently, but now I’m working at home. The $ 1 coffee bill is never cheap, and it’s cheaper to work in the house. However, in my case, working in the house is a very difficult place to maintain concentration. I devised to work in a library, but I can’t work for a long time because there is no PC power. In other words, it’s a problem for the work place. Working at home is really hard for me, who has a negative perspective on the learning environment like a home school. I think that working with tension can maintain concentration and make a good work.

The only way is to sleep or exercise

I took a bath this morning to increase my concentration. However, I couldn’t get much results and could only work for about an hour. I get up and work once at midnight, but it’s still in the house, so my concentration is about an hour and a half. I remembered that there was a cartoonist who used several coffee shops to work. The work at home is the background of the animated video. To work on a character’s video, you need a sense of tension other than high concentration. I can’t create tension in my house. That’s why I have always been particular about securing a place for study work.

Winter running is the best

In summer running, the effect of dieting is outstanding, but it is difficult to manage the body after running. However, when running in the winter, the amount of sweat is small, so there is little exhaustion of physical strength. So that means you can run long distances. When running, I feel I can stop thinking and rest my mind.

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