How to get used to hugging

The best way to get used to hugging is to use combination martial arts.

Combined martial arts

1 Rugby
2 Amateur wrestling
3 Judo

Hugging position

The amateur wrestling Greco-Roman style is a good practice for hugging.
The Greco-Roman style is a combined technique competition that only the upper body can be used.
So even if you don’t like it, you have to keep your upper body in close contact.
The hug’s archetype is when the chin is placed on both shoulders and clinched.
In other words, hugging is not simply an act of embracing each other.
Hugs are Greco-Roman style clinch.
The close contact position is mainly under the opponent’s shoulder and under his chin.
Hugs are different from soccer players who score goals and hug their teammates.
Hug is the act of putting your chin on your opponent’s shoulder.

Shaking hands

The way to incorporate both a handshake and a hug is judo.
Judo not only bows but also shakes hands and hugs after the game.
I want you to watch the judo international game.
In other words, the best way to learn bowing, hugging and shaking hands is judo.
It is a sport where you can acquire communication skills and courtesy by doing judo.

The opposite sex

The biggest theme for me is contacting with the opposite sex.
Opportunities for close contact with the opposite sex are very limited.
For example, there is only a social dance like Latin dance.
There is no way to practice French-style kiss greetings.
Even if you don’t actually kiss your cheek, this is a communication that is not found in Oriental culture.
I am thinking about how to maintain good relationships.
It is misunderstood that the Orientals are hugging with the opposite sex.
I don’t want to regulate discriminatory viewpoints and prejudice, but it’s difficult.

The ultimate way is rugby

I think rugby is the best way to improve communication skills.
However, it is not a sport that ordinary people can do as a hobby.
But I feel that the sport with the most opportunities for close contact is rugby.

For me who belonged to the judo club in junior high school and to the amateur wrestling club in high school, I think that the close contact with the partner is very suitable for psychotherapy.
It is recommended to participate in the town volunteer’s judo and amateur wrestling dojos and practice hugging before international exchange opportunities.
The combination martial arts are the best way to eliminate the resistance to hugging.

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