Human activities in old age

Human activities in old age

List of human activities possible in retirement life

1 Light running
6 Gate ball
8Volunteer activities
9Educational guidance

Running around the neighborhood

I usually run.
My running place is on a public playground or on a nearby public road.
The exhilaration after running is a kind of human pleasure.
It is a healthy pleasure.
I’m 34 and I’m thinking about the future of 40 and 50.
People in their 20s still have little life experience and cannot make long-term life plans.
Of course, there are smart teens who plan their life since their teens.
Most young people in their twenties are busy working to satisfy their immediate desires.
That means you can’t stop the runaway of desire.
We are convinced that we need to be lonely to strengthen our restraint.
Every time I think about my life while running around the neighborhood.
Can humans continue running around this neighborhood even at age 60?
Sports like sprinting are likened to short-lived life.
And a race like long distance running will be a long life.

You should avoid what only young people can do

It is assumed that professional athletes will always retire.
It is impossible to stand on the field of competition as an active player until his death.
I am thinking about what I need to do with reference to human activities in retirement life.
I don’t train my body with weight training.
And I don’t dance or out leisure.
This is because it is an activity that cannot be done in old age.
I think that you should do intense activities during the temporary period of your 20s.
But what then?
The problem is there.
After all, you can only take on the leadership position.
Even if you find a new hobby immediately, it takes time to master it.
It wastes the activities that have been done in the past.
Half-hearted people who act as good memories should be satisfied.
But I don’t want to end things halfway.

I want to recommend you to switch to activities that can be used for retirement

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