Human Drama


Human drama

There are hundreds of millions of human dramas
Teen mother
Single mother

The human life of the world continues to grow
Annoying social media
The convenience of the present age where you can easily fulfill your desires

Conditions for fulfilling desires have new problems
Each time the mental burden increases

Physical pleasure for about 1 minute
Mental pleasure for about 1 minute
A sense of fulfillment for about one minute
A sense of accomplishment for about 1 minute
A sense of hopelessness for about a minute
Feeling of fury for about a minute

I think it is important to control the mood of the moment of life
Common ordinary moral
People who live in harmony with the world

I think of the continent in the island country
It is difficult to control this body and this character that I got from God

I am dissatisfied with the land and people given by God
But I can not change the present situation
Option to abandon loneliness and to belong to the organization and option to live in loneliness
Fun every day is fantasy
A painful everyday life

People who want sex
People who want to love
People who want to travel abroad
In the end everyone wants to be happy

If you don’t keep burning your passion, it will cool down
It is painful to keep burning the passion
It is hard to balance home, work and academics
However, people who have lost desire and are compatible

It is strange to be alive
Does this consciousness last forever?

A deceased man who died without wish
We are still alive
And I live without knowing where the death goal is

If you understand the human desires that can not be fulfilled, you can discard today’s desires
If you give up your desires today, you will hope for tomorrow
If today’s desires are fulfilled tomorrow will become universal

I feel I need to strengthen the restraint

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