What is love?

Love is the greatest entertainment in life

The instinct that human beings may eventually be an animal sense.
It is difficult to think about complicated things in a busy daily life.

The moment of feeling happiness

Last night I was having dinner around pm 6. Because the bath was rising, my body felt refreshing and it felt good, so the dinner was very tasty. I can feel happiness the best when I drink a cup of milk from the bath or when I taste a warm soup. People in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavian countries understand the original way of human happiness. I am confident that it will never be happy if I work hard to turn the economy and I will not be free without being free.

I am envious of ethnicity and national character that can surf love I

  • I have never been asked by someone whether I am fine or not
  • I have never been told by an important person that I love you
  • I have never been told by an important person that I love you
  • I have never argued with someone about family love or human love

I’d like to accomplish something in this one theater called Life but I do not feel like becoming a crazy horse.

I think that it was around June last year that I wanted to offer materials, images and movies that will heal the daily fatigue to people around the world, but the memory is not certain.
I think that we must recognize the definition of happiness again is impulsed regularly.

When stirring fried vegetables and hot rice, it is very delicious to finally eat it with a little dripping of soy sauce!!!!!

I tried thinking about love and happiness in parallel, but it is a difficult agenda and I think that I have to keep pushing for love and happiness over my entire life. Which would you rather choose if you choose one stable material for economic stability and mental stability? People who seek economic stability begin to feel mental distress and seek mental stability. On the other hand, those who seek mental stability are put in economically unstable situations and live poverty, but there are those who seek economic stability and those who do not want. In any circumstances it is never lazy to prioritize mental stability. It is impossible to bring assets to the point of dying even if we continue to retain more economic wealth than necessary in order not to lose love.

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