Humans have to molt

Humans have to molt

You need to get out of something.
It means that we should get out of unnecessary things and the obsession with our current business and introduce new things.
I try not to make excuses for not being able to molt anymore.
It may be painful to constantly destroy old things and restart repeatedly.
However, by sticking to the existence, it creates a more difficult situation.
I saw a mantis molting shell in the weeds of the park.
At that time, when I realized that molting would extend my life, I compared it with my own circumstances.
I have a habit of making trivial events a lesson in my life.
So I wasn’t trying to molt something today either.
This theory is necessary for the creator.
I want to defeat the ruler composed of old ideas, judgments and heredity.
Are the majority of modern people able to get out of old ideas, ideas and ways on a regular basis?
From an individual’s skin sensation, it is still a group of living organisms.
It is mentally difficult to resonate with the very conflicting things and change the way.
This depends on how you think.
I can honestly understand that the way of thinking has not changed.

Destroy the internal structure

The outside is left unattended.
The management of the mind affects life.
And the clear advice of the wise man is indispensable there.
Life lessons learned from everyday experience are not enough.
I feel a sensation of bloodiness due to daily mental damage.
At that time, you must always use the viewpoint of life theory, religious policy, and ultra-wide-angle lens.
If you know the viewpoint of a super wide-angle lens and the essence of human beings, you can understand what human beings should be.
I don’t know how long everyone is imitating monkeys.
They have never even been to the library.
It seems that he does not intend to abandon the position of the gear that plays a role for mass supply and mass consumption.
The first step in happiness is to destroy the internal structure.
But the mantis shell I saw last week is a sad past for mantis.
I don’t think animals have an opinion on the act of unknowingly dispelling memories of trauma and failure.
It was stated in Alain’s collection of life that animals do not have the same emotional abundance as humans.
But do not pursue it.
It is a story that human beings who think extraly should know the essence of molting.
It is important to destroy the internal structure that God has built since we were 0 years old.

Gains and losses

I thought about what I would lose.
At the same time, I thought about what someone would get.
I thought about setting a trap of happiness to please someone.
They are undoubtedly pleased when they are trapped in the trap of happiness.
It’s I want their good mood without asking for their words of gratitude.
I’m thinking about profit and loss feelings.
Naturally, everyone puts selfishness first and avoids loss.
The emotion that I want to go against the providence of nature is anger.
I’m sick of the flow of the introduction, the main theory, and the conclusions so far.
The image that wants to break common sense is the depiction of killing grotesque creatures.
Mental profits turn into unpleasant economic savings, but the real intention is different.
The point of spotting the wicked will be the self-restraint of subsequent philanthropic and economic activities.

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