Humming and murmuring


Humming and murmuring

I want to express humming and murmuring.
And I want to develop new human habits.
It has to be removed from the human habits and behavior patterns.
But don’t represent the unreal world.
The delicate human expression is left to the group members.
I have set Gonzalez to be a little unrealistic character.
So Gonzalez has to play a serious side.
I want to tell that cheerful Jamaicans can also suffer and suffer.
Up until now, I used to speak fluently, but I think I have to take a moment and mutter.

Exaggerated movement is nonsense

People in the real world do not make unnecessary movements.
But people in the unreal world do useless movements and impossible things.
It is not possible to irresponsibly ask an animated character to make an unrealistic move.
Animation characters are always in consultation with me and animation characters.
I’ll let them die if I don’t work with them.
They live in their world.
You must pay close attention to subtle changes in facial expression.


When dissatisfied or anxious, humans speak soliloquy in one space.
It’s an event that happens in one place, and you don’t talk to yourself where you are with others.
I challenged Bruce, who was alone at the dinner, to talk to himself.
Animation characters also suffer from loneliness.
Certainly, it is a basic unity of unification to encourage oneself to ask himself/herself in silence, but sometimes humans speak soliloquy.
It may be due to excessive stress.

Lone wolf

There is no rarity in each of the life forms that make up the flock.
Play alone as a group.
I feel the need for soliloquy and murmuring in a lone wolf or an animal that acts alone.
The public is always talking to someone, so they don’t mute something seriously.
Sometimes when walking on the road, one person mutters something or hums.
It’s like a kind of self-unification ritual.
Certainly I am different when I am alone and when I am alone.
However, the person who always feels lonely is Francis.
I want him to smile again.
However, unrealistic acts kill the animated characters.
At first I feel that I failed to set Francis character.
But one day I’ll work hard to get Francis’ smile back and I’ll do it.

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