I can not do a lifetime job only on the upper side

Beautiful model
Cool model
Sexy actress
Popular actor
Teen idol

Everyone doesn’t know about the future after 30 years
Everyone says beautiful things and promises the future
Artists and popular people who promise to the masses irresponsibly
However, how many 60-year-old pop stars and rock singers are there?
Do teens support 60-year-old pop stars and rock singers?
Entertainment industry where only genius can survive
Even geniuses are not easy to make masterpieces
Why don’t everyone behave like geniuses though ordinary people who are not geniuses can not make masterpieces?

I am not a genius painter
I am not a genius judo player
I am not a genius amateur wrestler
I am not a genius radio mixer
I’m not a genius rock singer
I’m not a genius singer-songwriter
I am not a genius language master
I am not a genius blogger
I’m not a genius Youtuber
I am not a genius photographer
I am not a genius video creator
I am not a genius delivery company
I am not a genius but an ordinary person
I am an ordinary man and a hard worker
I am a low intelligence person
I am jealous and lazy like my parents
I think that I have no choice but to survive

The people who decide their own genius are the masses
It is an embarrassing thing to googling that you are a genius yourself
Idols who talk about themselves with idols are cool
You should decide your standing position by the evaluation of others

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