I am stand for greta but….


We can not stop global warming

I think that I can not solve global environmental problems
I have a sense of hopelessness in the trend of increasing world population
Get angry at human desires and egoism
I’m not worried about things of old age and I’m seeking for real

Certainly climate change is adversely affecting human health

I am afraid of the unusually high temperatures in Europe and the long rainy season in Japan
I feel angry with the carefree attitude of French people and I live with tension
Seriously living without problems using air conditioning
Evacuate to a fast food store or library and take advantage of the heat
I have always felt poor as a frugal person

We just keep doing nothing but thinking about ourselves

It is a fact that we are tired of communal life and relationships in the workplace and I think I am old
There are so many problems that I can not interpret things nervously
I think it’s not bad to live in a critical situation where no one helps
I am unwilling to live as a human being against the constantly repeating human conflict

Appetite, greed and sleepiness destroy people

Does it make sense to be silent, active or assertive?
I think it should be recognized that the daily living environment is boring and painful
I feel that there are relatively few green areas in the world and I have a sense of crisis in the Middle East and Africa where there are many drought areas
In the coexistence of more than 7.7 billion people we have to suffer without fulfilling our desires
And I think that it is ideal that a few people live
I feel stressed on the problems that occur in my daily group life and hurt each other
We feel that we can not get happiness unless we feel anger and sadness

Who are you living for?

So how much time does it take to succeed?
And how much effort does it take to succeed?
Ok, We live using muscles and brains and are asked to evolve from God
We have to grow
I think I have to have the habit of thinking things logically
It is that logic, principle and mathematical invariance are more important than emotional theory

Poor modern babies

Firstly Collapse of the pension system
And Collapse of capitalism
Outrageous pathogens due to rising temperatures
Depletion of oil resources
Plundering wars and political disputes
What should we learn from children with hope in the future?
I am angry at the irresponsibility of parents and predecessors who pass on responsibility
The world collapses with the pleasure of sex and the happiness of the leisure industry
Uhh I think that a foolish person who continues to pursue convenience and pleasure should go to hell
But I feel rich in my heart of poverty
Well I feel despaired about the heat of the exhaust gas every time a bus or car starts before my eyes

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