I can be myself and you can be yourself


I can be myself and you can be yourself

I can’t feel happy in entertainment
We work monotonously and work every day
Most people hate working and seek holidays
I am deeply moved by the labor of old people who are driving traffic in the daytime.
Don’t want to live on unemployment income
I’m looking for pain and trouble

I think the Earth’s climate will get worse and I’m a pessimistic person

The reason I always play a sad man is that I don’t want to grieve
I always work while looking at the scenery of the city, doing simple work and continuing to contribute to society
Ok, I play a person who stops thinking because there is no answer in life
I relieve work stress by thinking about the meaning of living
Urban advertising media and people’s desires are my stress and society is crazy
In the whirl of desire, I am simply trying to fulfill every single mission

I’m tired of everyday life and relationships, so I’m lonely

Residents of the city play humans who stop thinking
I am confident that there will be no problem-free life even if there are various problems
Recently I’m disappointed in the future whenever I see exhaust gas and garbage in the industrial area
I can’t live while listening to barren debates, so I live while listening to the sound of the natural wind
I want to feel that I’m living with a genuine feeling

Small investments are meaningless

I think we should invest in ourselves every day
I think it’s great to pay tuition to acquire my skills and knowledge
So I’m working hard to make myself a more intelligent person early
I don’t think I can finally have a satisfying life or life

Our pension payment age is 85 years old

We must continue working until the age of 85
Do you think you can continue your work until the age of 85?
I am not confident that I will continue my current work until the age of 85
Do you think an 85-year-old man can do manual labor?
Do you think the elderly can do accounting and paperwork?
I’m just pessimistic about the future and now I’m self investing to help myself in the future
In order to leave the best assets, I have posted videos on Youtube and opened a blog to write articles
I want to help someone and think about what I can do with my own skills
We promise that urban life will end in 3 years
I finally want to live in retirement in the countryside
I get bored with the same environment and relationships and I like to compare life to a train
I have to go to my next destination three years later and I think the next station in life is rural Hokkaido

yasunari kayama

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