I impressing Hyena’s life


Saving meal menu

1 $ 1 bread 8 servings

2 Stir-fried cabbage with soy sauce

3 Natto (fermented soybeans)

4 raw eggs

I keep my daily food expenses at around $ 5 and shopping is only once every three days.
There is no need to purchase books because the only way to collect information is the Internet.
The reason for not spending on anything other than utilities or insurance is because there is no substitute for food.
Long-term fasting can rest the digestive organs but causes cancer in the digestive organs if it is not regularly excreted.
We think that it is best to eat fresh pesticide-free and additive-free natural ingredients without buying instant food absolutely.
Food is sold at Asian stores, and people who eat and walk junk food are neglected.
Not bad people who are buying and selling cheap and expensive food with poor and opaque ingredients using people who can not stop their appetite.
There is no doubt that consumers are at a loss of thought and are in a state of self-harm by stopping their thinking and circulating society badly.
I am refusing to put fresh fish in my mouth, seeing the rusted rebars of the unsanitary trade container floating above the sea.
I want you to understand that only the presidents of food related companies are pleased with the general public’s overdrinking and eating.
It is certain that the medical insurance of people who drink a bucket of liquor weekly and make a queue for fast food shops will be expensive.
When I understood the ignorance of the general public, I remember that I was 25 years old when I decided not to be a part of the public.
Today’s Japanese youth are addicted to junk food called cheese dock.
Seeing others as being willing to eat $ 5 of a food rich in artificial additives and eating in front of the store and feel humorous.
People who spend their money to eat delicious poisonous mushrooms themselves and suffer from serious illness such as stomach cancer and colon cancer and keep paying more money.
Even if I persuade them, I think their appetite will not stop and they will not stop eating what they like when they like.
I was disappointed that I could make a small hamburger when I tried to make a hamburger by myself.
The price of a fast food burger is too expensive because you can have a good burger at 50 cents.
Yesterday I bought and drank commercial lemonade after a long time.
I think that purchasing drinking water less than $ 1 is not a wasteful expense than purchasing one can of beer.
I was able to enjoy the taste of the lemonade of less than $ 1 and that it is necessary to have a daily lifestyle that is daily, in order to be cheap and to fulfill my desire.
There are no people who eat and walk at all in mainland countries like Europe and the United States and Canada, and I feel that food awareness in Asia is weak.
Asian countries, where vending machines and small convenience stores are rampant, continue to revitalize their economy and feel a lack of moral spirit.
It takes a long time to sort out the food and it slows down shopping when I shop while avoiding food containing artificial seasoning.
The food tastes of the refugees living in the refugee camp are very interesting.
People who grew up in a greenhouse like me would probably not survive in a tough refugee camp.
The eyes of children suffering from the Israeli conflict have a pure part.
Poor children’s perception of food simply escapes from hunger and there is no enjoyment of food.
My unemployed and painful living conditions can support vitality and I may have made a luxury choice.

Results of a diet that does not get fat without exercise

I am trying to shape my body by making me anorexia by having anxiety, jealousy, strife and tension.
In other words, you can diet smoothly by controlling your mental state.
The reason why many obese people live in Honolulu, Hawaii and islands in Oceania is because there is peace and stability without competition.
Unless you have some sense of tension or anxiety, it can not be denied that human beings become lazy and harm the security of society.
If I eat the same healthy food, I do not have a burden on the stomach and I recognize that eating is a mere fulfillment of hunger.
I am keenly aware of the richness of my life while watching the news of the fire on the opposite bank in one of the urban apartments.
I must be grateful for my blessed environment, and I think that the blessed human duty is to serve underprivileged people.
However, it is also true that people living in a capitalist state are suffering from severe problems and suffering.
I’m not wandering alive or dead, but I’m thinking of donating money rather than wasting money for silly entertainment.
The richness of mental state and obesity are in proportion and I understand why I am not fat.
I feel that my seriousness of thinking seriously about any trivial things is the power to control my appetite.
I lost appetite because I had anxiety because the precious lives of 41 people disappeared in a Russian plane crash on May 6, 2019.
I could reduce food costs if I could be more interested in the changing political situation in South Africa.
A person with a Hungarian spirit would be very lucky because the mental burden would cause loss of appetite.
I felt the importance of the hungry spirit because I used to live near a man with an idea of stability.
It feels like the autonomic nerve has sprouted when the body shapes up so that the clavicle comes up.
I do not think that an economic firstist nation like the United States and China doing a trade war will never be a nation of happiness.
I do not feel any part of the religious mind to the government’s pursuit of wealth and fame.

The importance of feeling to eat and survive as a hyena

If you have a large body like a lion, it will be handy for physical strength when catching prey.
I often look at animal planets and study the mechanisms of animal and plant survival society.
There are many things that I can study from animal society and marine animal society other than human society and I want to learn something every day.
A back view of a lion looks like a challenger when living with the proper intelligence and analytical power.
I think that we can learn from Hyena the wisdom of using something well to survive.
I think that it is one method to live by taking over and eating leftover like hyena and vulture.
The housewife who uses the supermarket’s half-price sale is a hyena.
Using a discount shop such as a one dollar shop or a recycle shop is also important for controlled life.

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