I know such a social class, but I will be myself

The position we are aiming for is upper class or freelance

Recently I was thinking about a procedure to become human’s concrete happiness
The conclusion determines the content of life by our social class living in modern society
I believe that living with minimal mental damage will enrich my life
Anyway, three social classes affect happiness for us and we want to belong to the best class
We are seeking victory in a competitive society with high academic background and connections in order to become an upper class
And we are convinced that only the middle class and the working class are the worst social class positions
This Sunday I went to a city festival and was watching the public
When I talked to people dancing in Yoyogi Park, I was treated in a cold manner
At that time, I felt that most of the masses were sheep and were middle class or working class people, and I looked down on people dancing in Yoyogi Park
People living in a stress-filled space are addicted to delicious food in front of them without facing the harsh realities of the real world
I was afraid that I should never live like a sheep
We feel that we must stick to the social class to become a fortunate
It is true that it makes life worse with stress of anger and sadness of relationships, and we need to fix the problem early
In other words, I think working class people should aim for freelance and middle class people should aim to become upper class people
I’m poor enough to afford the $ 6 food sold at a stall but I’m not particular about satisfying my appetite
Rather than that, I am now spending time making money and studying to become freelance and I just don’t want to be popularized
However, the number of people eating harmful fast food is reduced or I feel human stupidity
After a long time I admired the event at Yoyogi Park on Sunday and studied
For me, the urban center is a place of entertainment, which is not the place where working class people should work
People who can get a good position in the company can communicate well and well
A middle-aged man sitting on the ground of Yoyogi Park and having a chat is a working class because he has no literacy or communication skills.
Working-class people live low-wage simple labor for upper-class and middle-class people
Working-class people emancipate their stress by pachinko, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, sex, etc.
I am satisfied with freedom and a certain cost of living and do not work excessively to fulfill my desires
I think that there are two types of human stress and I feel that there is anger stress and sadness and anxiety stress
I am not living anger stressed life but instead I am living with anxiety stress
I think that I can only become an unstable social class person called freelance because I have no ability or assets to become an upper class
The problem has not been resolved even if suffering or disappointment I have to live positively and have to think of a new strategy each time I fail
I think that I was born born carrying the fate of living as a working-class person, and human fate will continue to struggle
In the society of all living beings, there are classes with preferential treatment, some being heavily labored and some suffering from major illnesses
Certainly all human lives are never equal and everyone lives with alleviating mental damage
I can understand Bruce lee’s feelings I wanted to keep in harmony with my heart by obtaining financial richness, and I can agree with him
There is no point in feeling anger at unequal things and doing wrong acts and releasing stress, and we need to be calm
Worried about it is the true form of life, and we will be tired of the change in mood and we will always idol worship to try to escape reality
My future in the next few years is to move to a rural area or to marry a foreigner and migrate abroad aiming to become a farmer
I do not know how God draws my vision for the future, but I always hope for the future
After all, there is no paradise on earth, and it is possible to live in a developed country, but to live in a developing country but to live in a dictatorship but to escape from suffering
We are troubled and growing up suffering from the wall of life looking for a way to overcome the wall of life

I was looking at a white cloud in front of a traffic light in the city

I noticed that I was looking down at the bottom of the crowd as I was looking at the feet
I do not want to respond in strange words to events in the unreasonable world, it is a principle not to participate in the debate
I took a shower and slept in the evening after cycling home in the morning on Sunday and returning home in the afternoon
Whenever I wake up when I live alone and live a lonely life, I feel anxious about the real problem and collect information on the Internet
I’m accustomed to seeing the city of Tokyo may be looking for a new stimulus, but eventually I’m a countryman I want a natural environment
What I’m looking for after coming to Tokyo with a longing for white-collar work would be comfort, a sense of fulfillment, and a stimulus
I need to save money in order to challenge, I have to feel daily struggles that do not produce results in order to succeed I feel that things always have conditions
Vaguely, I love to think about life while looking at the beautiful white clouds floating in the sky in one corner of the city

I want to challenge with cost-effectiveness in mind

Simply put, the reason I always want to be sad is because I want to keep turning to the feeling of joy
I think it is important to acquire the technology to collect information so as not to be deceived by the fraudulent scammers who forgive information weak people
I’ve invested about $ 10,000 for creative work from seven years ago, but the cost-effectiveness was bad
My life is a series of failures and setbacks
I aimed at an artist by investing laptop computers, single-lens reflex cameras, oil painting tools, etc. but my dream did not come true
Believing in the beauty I feel like I supported the way of life like a grasshopper without being in line with the procession of ants carrying lump sugar like everyone
However, I understand that I can not succeed because I ignore the consumer’s desires, but I may be a stubborn person
I like the way of life like a poor painter, I feel very tempting to work every day without changing my style
My only judgment of my past was that I made music, studied English, and painted oil paintings in the freeters without going to university
I want to sympathize with ignorant students who are in debt for the living expenses of university professors
Once in a lifetime I would like to live freely and have decades of thought to maintain the status quo after decades
I abandoned the concept of retirement and continued to serve until I died, but eventually I could be homeless and die on the street without paying

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