I love solitude to create a space of silence


I love solitude to create a space of silence

Do not seek to be excited or have a happy feeling
I live to meet something
Forget about her and think alone sitting on a park bench
Have room to calm your mind and look up at the sky
Get shapeless love and look at concrete’s coldness and society
We are not seeking freedom

What is your life?

Even if you know various useful information, your tomorrow is an immutable day
Experiences live more than words
Weaknesses and sneaky ways torment human breasts
I feel the holiday feeling when I live in society
People waiting to open a supermarket on a steamy holiday morning
It makes no sense to spend the day of the vision of today

We feel that we are alive

The end result of anger and sadness always creates a feeling of joy
People who go to school or go to work to climb mountains
Firstly I want you to be alone because I do not care
And I’m starting to fix a little excitement and get myself cool
So I remember my boyhood while listening to the sound of the rose in August
You know I studied English in earnest at the age of 23 and returned to my hometown
Proud of my past I was calm when I was restless
What is the meaning of happiness?

Happiness has no meaning

It makes no sense if you can not smile
I want to help people who can not stand up in trouble
How to live well in this city
Physical pleasure is Satan’s obsession
The relationship between me and you is just like an empty ruined building
There is a difference between 30 years ago and 10 years ago
Let me sleep because there is a little headache
I want to protect the smiles of adults who play in the park like children from society
People who are protecting themselves while being tense in company and school facilities
I feel a Sunday afternoon after having a lonely dream
Let’s stop getting married, living together and narrowing your space
Your shadow does not overlap with me
Well I must go to the next station early
I was watching a ghost on the way back from my trip to France
Eventually I didn’t want to be a happy person
Someone was hurt in a physically painful situation
I laugh at human selfishness and I always make me sad
It is important to keep going sad
There is no special meaning to loving people or going out
You know I simply loved her but I prioritized reality
Well I was troubled by the unnaturalness of forgiveness
Generally I feel the importance of the purpose of living and bet on my next dream
Uhh ..I miss this year last year
And then I am pessimistic about loving people crazyly
I greeted an old woman sitting in the chair of the break room so sadly
And the old woman smiled and offered me the desolation of life

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