Find love


3 years to find life partner

Life is shorter than we think, So we gonna have to harry up to find love!!

In fact I moved to the city in March of this year
And I measured my potential and the right person in the right place
Well I am not suitable for office work
And I want to work on creation
Anyway I want to continue pursuing art
However, we have to do economic activities to live
One day I thought that real and ideal parallel lines should be gradually crossed.

Deadline until 2022

There is always a limit on how long you can find your dreams and goals

1 All things have a bad effect
2 I can not avoid the problem
3 We want to keep effort and effort to a minimum

Process of beginning love

1 acquaintance
2 friends
3 Consultant
4 Cognition

So The comfort of loneliness can be learned from the difficulties of living together.
For me who don’t know the hardships of living abroad, I feel that migrating abroad is easy,
and I’m in the process of converting it to be dangerous.
We do not know what life will be

But I don’t think anyone is looking for a lover, knowing how hard it is to spend a lifetime with a partner in life

I don’t think it’s desirable to try to make a lover or life partner forcibly,
and I believe that I can only convince the relationship of nature.
So what do you gonna do now?
I feel like men should be active and women should be passive and
then I think women have the option of love eventually.
Thank you

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