I pray that this is the last warning from God


I pray that this is the last warning from God

Problems such as infectious diseases, political and economic conflicts, natural disasters and lack of morals of modern people are piled up.
It feels like a punishment for humans that continues to satisfy their desires has begun.
Modern people living in the whirlpool of convenience and pleasure are unhappy.
But I think it is our task to control that desire.
Lonely artists are suffering before their daily desires.

Spread of corona infection

The population is declining due to infectious diseases.
People are pessimistic about the burden on the earth being reduced.
I’m optimistic about them, they’re bad guys
The problem is increasing due to the short-term desires of people all over the world.
However, capitalism is the reason why I can’t feel satisfied with the calm and boring everyday life there.
In the countryside, I lonely seek out the latest expression techniques and themes to express.
This is a very rewarding task.
You can still see those who are still slaves of desire in news descriptions.
The Tokyo Olympics should be postponed and human life should be given priority.

Warning from God

I myself live as a religious person.
And now the global problem is no longer a human test, but a warning.
If the warning turns into a punishment, human survival will disappear.

Order for improvement from me

1. Sell the car tomorrow and go to work by bicycle
2. If you can’t go to work by bicycle, transfer to a nearby place from home
3. If you can not transfer, please resign
4. Do not make children
5. Have a longing for the life of the primitive age
6. Please sleep if you suffer
7. How to get rid of toxins is cardio, sleep or reading
8. Look at the flowers in the house

Nobody does it.
People who say their habits are right.
There are moments when I wish I had two lives.
It is a creature that humans do not learn without pain.
If you feel grateful to live once and die, you will be a complete creature.

Reject love and be proud of creation

I’m happy if I can express my ideas to the full.
In our hearts, we are constantly reciprocating despair and hope.
After a few minutes of pleasure there is always a time of disappointment.

1. I just have to wait
2. You have no choice but to work hard and wait
3. You have to wait for the moment you want
4. You have to wait until the time of despair has passed
5. The moment we refuse love is painful because we control our instinct
6. However, after a while, I realize that the decision to reject the instinct is correct
7. Should only crush the uplift of human beings
8. Impressionism

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