I quit job

For 4 months that I had worked at transport company. And I until will be working at company this month and from next month I will try to do that as I want. What to make sense for life is not remaining worthless regrets and slave with white color.

Then you thinking of sweat heart
Then you becoming real you
You will be returned to place which you want staying.

Don’t be afraid of such a status no income temporarily.
We must prioritize careful of love and love.
It’s necessary to prepare for living cost while you stop working. Therefore I strongly recommend to save money everyday as dreamer.

New experience

These words are able to cheer us when you got disappointment.

You just gonna have to rethink of it and you are going to say goodbye something and someone.

I am supposed to quit job at 30th september 2019.
After that, I have to get new experiences.
Join me.

thanks a lot

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