I want to make people laugh with cartoons and sound effects!!!!

I want to make people laugh with cartoons and sound effects

I would like to change the content of Youtube’s video submission a little recently
I wanted to change the route for my own video posting
And I want to post comedy videos with my own drawing power and sense of laughter
Up until now I have only posted videos for personal development on Youtube, but I wanted to change the route
A sense of purpose is always a social contribution and we carefully consider serving
Because I fell in love with a girl I met in Yoyogi Park, I felt like I was calming my character a little
I believe in God’s existence and God prepared me a nice present
Next week I want to believe that if I sit in the same place in Yoyogi Park she will come to see you
However, I go to Yoyogi Park on a weekend at a bicycle for exercise and health.
It’s a poor day to spend all day at home on the weekends and I always want to improve myself
And I understand that acting is an important thing in life
I just want to play in my area of ​​expertise because it’s just boring
It is important to face the tension and the real problem, I am not an idealist but a realist and a romanticist
At the Jamaican Festival the other day I think it was good to be able to absorb optimistic thinking
I admire the Western Europeans and Blacks living with uplifting feelings and want to absorb the strengths of foreigners
I feel dissatisfaction and doubt about Japanese concepts, but I do not mean that they deny Japanese people
I’m focusing on creation in order to increase my existence meaning and existence value
I’m not good at writing blog posts because I got results of typing practice that I started a few months ago
Anyway, it was important to continue again and re-recognized
I’m not looking for an idea but I am inspired by the power of nature
In my case, when I’m troubled or struggled, I try to go to bed immediately and try not to think about anything extra
I really thought it was good to go to the Latin Festival
I am convinced that what people are looking for is not supplies but spiritual richness and wonderful relationships
I’m earnestly acquiring various skills and seek a sense of accomplishment
I feel that I have to study the sense of jokes to make people laugh from now on
I think it’s efficient to watch funny Youtube videos to heal a tired heart
I am currently working mainly on video blogs and have not watched any commercial TV shows

Youtube is my whole source of information

I feel like people are enjoying creations and events and are graduating from boring work
I feel that the way of life in the present age is a work to enhance creation
However, it is a fact that there are people who are carrying out economic activities while maintaining traditional culture and customs
I was wasting valuable life time on simple work until last year, but my current purpose of life is creation
I’m sending out unique videos and images to social media to increase my own product value
Recently I like to analyze data by myself, organize various data and judge public news
In other words, there is always a false alarm
I want to improve my thinking ability and stick to living my life as much as possible
Japan’s broadcast news program is scarce so I can only watch Euronews on Youtube
I do not deny Japanese national character and I want to grasp the part of my own right person in the right place
In fact, it was possible to know the news of legalization of same sex marriage in Taiwan by Euronews
Anyway, I would like to recommend watching all of Youtube to all people
I want to change the current living environment by imagining the future human life style

It’s great that the line between celebrity and people is gone

In the case of me there is no feeling that I respect someone
Our hope with the same existence value is God, not idol worship

I have to be a fool to fulfill my desire to deliver what people are looking for
I want to be an idiot and make people feel calm
Encouraging people who suffer from mental illness in modern society will be my future task
I do not have time to enjoy love I feel like my busy creative activities continue until I die
I want to treat myself carefully so that I can say that I am very happy now
I am alive by sending out funny pictures and images from a small apartment in a downtown area of ​​the city?

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