Idea world


Idea world

I doubt the existence of the idea world.
If the original human aesthetics are different, there is no idea world.
However, the form of beauty that can be sympathized with all races is common.
People around me sympathize with the ugly things I do.
However, no one resonates with my own expression.
Then does the idea world not exist?
Is it a difference in my own personal aesthetic?
I’m pessimistic about the existence of the idea world because I have little experience of resonating with others.
The general public, the crowd, and the people in the procession have proved the idea world.
The same sensibility and aesthetic sense make the masses.
I myself am currently reading Plato’s dialogues and speeches in books.
There is Socrates’s philosophical theory.
My original aesthetics and values ​​deny Socrates’s theory of ideas.
I am neutral to the existence of the idea world.
Is the expression that I described mainly of eight black people on the theme of climate change beautiful?
I don’t have a sense of inconsistency in the combination of climate change and blacks.
It comfortably depicts the texture of black skin and the struggle for climate change.

A sense of beauty that does not stick

There are some pains in art creation.
It is to enter the spiritual world and have a simulated experience with the expression.
It avoids imitating things that are shaped by the idea world.
There are moments when I forget to express myself freely.
Imitationists who do not doubt the act of imitating successes seek worldly success.
I find the consistent style and method boring.
Doing new things with the same content, expression theme, and sense of purpose is an adventurous stimulus.
I don’t know what stimulates me.
No stimulus element is generated in the present world.
It’s a sad story, but it’s a true story in itself.
Chameleon’s expression and life that can be transformed without sticking make human beings happy.
If there is an idea world, I want to destroy the stereotypes of the idea world very much.

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