New ideas do not come out easily.
No breakthrough ideas come out.
Well I am thinking about something I am missing.
Ideas are the starting point for all creative activities.
Firstly I stop working and write a blog.
And I’ll stop working in the morning and go on road work.
I think about various social events while running.

The same trick does not work

Anyway I have to keep finding new ways of expression.
However I am very groping.
In fact I reconfirm my sense of purpose and deficiencies.
So I’m not a professional if I’m satisfied with the same work.
If you lose your sense of amateur chair and have a professional sense, you will suffer.

I ca n’t help complaining

Anyway, I want to cherish the details of everyday life.
The Japanese do not laugh, but I think other foreigners are not laughing.
It doesn’t make sense to live with a sense of obstruction, and you have to enrich your emotions.
Thinking about how to create good ideas.
But I want to believe that there is no limit to human creativity.

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