Ideal nation


Ideal nation

The ideal national ranking for me

No.1 Iceland
No.2 Scandinavian countries
No.3 Southern Argentina

Worst national ranking for me

No.1 United States
No.2 East Asian countries
No.3 Central American countries

I hate economies. I hate nations that define economic equal happiness. I like a nation that balances capitalism and socialism. We are interested in governments that prioritize the happiness of all nations, and human beings can never get happiness from a rich economy.
I live in Japan. He is well aware of the situation in East Asian countries. I have something to say to those who yearn for East Asian countries or who are thinking about moving to East Asian countries. It is the worst working environment in East Asian countries. And East Asian countries have no true happiness environment. This can be declared assertively.
Europe is the only nation closest to happiness.


I think that a nation that is less likely to have geographical problems after all is an ideal nation. I think that countries where conflict, environmental problems, immigration problems and refugee problems occur are basically those belonging to the continent. I think Iceland is the only country without such bad conditions. To be honest, it is true that all nations have a wide variety of problems. But by comparison, I think Iceland is very safe and there are few political conflicts and crimes. This is the country I want to emigrate most.

Nordic countries

I am stressed by the disposition of East Asians who value their economy. He is angry at East Asians who continue to mass-produce until they die and make money to satisfy their desires. At least, East Asians do not have the qualities to lead other races, and East Asian nations are not 100% transformed into multiracial states.
The Nordic countries feel exactly the opposite of East Asian countries. Every time I get information about Nordic countries, I think about the nature of human beings and the meaning of happiness.
There is no doubt that the three Nordic countries formed by Sweden, Norway and Finland are very friendly nations. While the three countries have a friendly relationship with each other, political conflicts continue to occur in other countries. I am not sentimental or interested in political disputes in the Middle East and the United States and China. However, every time I read daily news, I feel stressed. Nordic people have created a truly livable environment on earth.
I simply yearn for their nationality and sensitivity. And we only wish for the independence of other people who pollute their territory.

Southern Argentina

I define a modern morally unpolluted nation as the ideal place. However, it is not difficult to live in modern society. I think it is important to be able to spend everyday life quietly in a situation where civilization is well developed. To be honest, the scenery of East Asian countries is dirty, and there are very few places with superb views.
Naturally, one of the ideal national conditions is the natural environment. Oceania, with its historical landmarks and beautiful beaches, is a very attractive place.
The southern part of Argentina is a very quiet environment. And the Argentinean people are cheerful and friendly, and the ideal location is the city of the fishing port in the south rather than in the urban areas of Argentina.
I once saw a city in southern Argentina with Argentinean documentation. It was a really quiet and clean place without the pollution of modern civilization.


1. High medical insurance
2. The wealth gap
3. American nationality
4. Economic focus

There was a time when I was absorbed in the United States. It was really the prey of the American economy. I have experienced stress when I met Americans directly. The United States is the source of the entertainment industry and political conflict. There is no doubt that the country I hate the most is the United States.

East Asian countries

1. Mass production
2. Stress Society
3. Silently work long hours after stopping thinking
4. East Asian temperament of the past

I think East Asian countries should be recognized as tourist countries. If you are my important person and immigrate to East Asian countries, I will persuade you with all my might to prevent immigration to East Asian countries. This stress is disgusting and cannot be understood by other races, such as whites and blacks. I don’t think that originally individualistic Westerners and cheerful blacks can match the temperament of conforming East Asians.

Central American countries

Central American countries equal crime. I cannot deny this completely. Given the ongoing political turmoil and refugee situation, there is no intention to move to Central American countries. There are certainly crimes in other countries. However, they do not have a good image of tens of thousands of crimes a year.

After all, the best happiness is the freelance independent of middle-class and upper-class people in countries that are ranked as ideal nations.

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