Make up with power


My word today

Make up with power

I am not intelligence person originally.
So I have to live in a competitive society with effort, guts and action.

Record of challenges to new things

1 Having started Judo
2 Having started Wrestling
3 Having challenged to learn sound consoling
4 Having taken police officer examination
5 Having put eyes contact lens
6 Having started studying English, Italian, French, Spanish
7 Having started making foreign friends
What I have done so far finally ends halfway, but I don’t complete regret it.
Certainly it has.

Idiots should act

I can’t understand but I can only beat a highly capable person with effort and action.
There is no choice but to act and grow up.
It means acting rather than words.
I recommend you to watch interview movie’s actors studio of Tom cruise’s times.
He just answered young actors and interviewer’s some questions and then I have accepted good his impression.
Tom said it that ’Anyway, it ’s important to enjoy the challenge’.

On the other hand, the mother who continues to mourn for the poor was a teacher

I thinking back and forth, the people around me were lazy and lazy with no action.
You know I had been growing up in the worst home environment in birthplace since when I was born.

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