If you need to have sometimes you should take your own times

Control of restraining force not to get in good condition

We think that we have the habit of trying to learn higher desires after learning a sense of fulfillment and sense of accomplishment. When you feel good, human being can be tolerant to anything and can be kind. People in good condition are always waiting for the bond of life, and they break our uplifting mood. The wavy lines of the life mood chart are always moving up and down. Bad conditions are always waiting after the best moments in our lives. We feel that living conditions while learning our four senses of emotions are human survival conditions. Have you ever felt the routine of an event that was decided to be a wonder of life? I’m trying not to do anything extra, even after it has been uploaded to Youtube. I supply for the demand, just answer the questions and there is no extra service. I’m trying to minimize the stress of tomorrow by making an upfront investment for tomorrow’s worst one’s own advocacy. At the moment the morning sun comes, human life begins and we should try something before the sunset. I think that enhancing mental endurance is the fate of the aging body and the task of life. I have the experience of being painful and painful for the unpleasant work after a moment of pleasure. Calmly calm, thinking about the future and trying to somehow disperse the feelings of risk and joy. Everybody feels pleasure in dancing in a cheerful mood and there is no reason there. The past I who has lived by relying on sensibility rather than reason may have been misunderstood. It is not a mistake that you have doubts about what you thought about and what you did not say. I plan to do foreign exchange transactions in the near future. I am convinced that mental knowledge is essential to earn business income and build economic strength and large assets. I accept the results of the notice of employment non-employment every time because I accept the results in orderly. I decided to escape from the endless competition and I am conscious of emotional control. There is no right or wrong answer to falling down or serious work. I think that it is possible to live life easily by understanding and grasping the kind of human emotion structure. I just regret that I continued to go against reason according to my own feelings. It is a fact that I have myself to aim at something quietly in the mood of a lone wolf. I think human beings are dead without knowing what the true self is. I think that I may stay lost until I die in the maze of life without an answer and I will know the answer in the world after death. I think that the flow of human love is the result of having confessed love to a favorite person in a steady state at the end of time. What I see from my point of view is always just the figure of a living person with similar habits. I’m very convinced that being rejected by the public as a lager. I believe that believing in fancy human emotions is to gamble with a win rate of 0%. I think it would be better to change the way in spite of being disappointed. The presence of those who pass by me in an expressionless manner is a vision, and my existence is also a vision for them. We strive to recognize that even athletes and investors who have won in a row will always lose in the future.

God is the only thing I rely on

I live while thinking that all of the process leading up to the present, that is now, is the induction of God. My current position would be a sniper aiming for a breakout on my life chart. Like a puppy looking for something hard to find I may be seeking love in the way of life. I certainly want to say something in good condition to share like everyone else but I want to calmly grasp the surrounding situation once. It is that the habit of the public who despises and idiots the person who pursues the true meaning lives under the rule of emotion.

Sometimes I do not become a slave of emotions and remember the lessons of a middle school math teacher

Today’s painful situation is that time is solved I can only wait for the chart of life to trend upward. There is no solution even if you are just thinking about your ideal. I want you to imagine a camel standing in the great desert and just waiting for the sunset. A living entity may be satisfied with the current situation without acting except to live in order to live originally. As I live in society, I can not laugh more and more and I can get a lie by myself. Sometimes I do not know why I am sad or empty now. Mysteriously and recently I am worried about why I am here every time I wake up in the morning. I may be anxious because I feel a sense of life alive rather than a real problem. Soon I have to steer the direction of life, there are two directions. It is a world of business that seeks to create large assets and a world that pursues the art that has been carried out so far.

God is now trying to set my vision for the future, I just wait for God’s answer

Background of the increase of cancer patients

Recently living in Japan often hear the signature of the signer. The topic of the onset of cancer of celebrities is frequent. There is no doubt that the tendency to develop cancer is getting stronger. I think that the incidence rate of cancer in Japan is now rising because of the westernized diet. People do not stop eating fast food every day despite these crisis situations. I’m just on the sidelines of the appearance of the masses being danced by the commercialism. And I actually got a bad stomach for a few years. I feel that the incidence rate of cancer in Japan is rising because fast food chain stores and convenience store chains are covered in Japan. North America and European countries with high interest in health food are in conflict with Japan. In particular, I feel a sense of crisis for the health status of people who consume too much processed food that is prone to developing cancer. All the contents of the advertising media are only food and drink, and I feel disgusted with it. The public does not try to know that anyone can easily search and search information in the present era. Due to lack of information, it causes illness and causes high medical expenses. Everyone is deceived by delicious foods and drinks in front of them rather than free informative information. Everyone is deceived by delicious foods and drinks in front of them rather than free informative information. I am not interested in 100% carbonated beverages, processed foods and additives. I want to make a meaningful social contribution in the limited life space and finish my life. People who become ill will be bothered and unable to contribute to society if they become ill. It is not good for someone to be saved by help. It is fearful to imagine that fat accumulated in an obese body will eventually cause illness.

There are figures of people who are delighted to eat food containing countless population additives sold at the store

I feel half-hearted about the innumerable vending machines and fast food restaurants that are accelerating chain development. For example, do you know that there is a healthy way of eating and an unhealthy way of eating sushi? How to eat sushi is to eat raw fish and additive-free rice in low-salt soy sauce. However, in the world, we have arranged sushi to meet the needs of the world. I use to fry sushi with spice, add sugar and eat it with other oil instead of soy sauce. If you try to make the original healthy food delicious, it will turn into junk food.

According to the Bible’s teachings, human’s original food is fruits, vegetables and grains, and no meat is eaten

But human beings live by eating the flesh of all life forms. By taking too many nutrients, you also take bad nutrients at the same time. The definition that a non-delicious food is a healthy diet is ridiculous and there is a natural taste. It can be asserted that it is desperate to review lifestyle habits in order to prevent the spread of the diseases of modern people beyond this. Foods are definitely more likely to cause illness and should be sensitive to food coming into the stomach. Dogs and cats never do not take careless food into their mouths. I’m feeling dissatisfied with the animation that Japanese Youtuber lets foreigners sample Japanese food and I’m somewhat angry. The human pleasure of enjoying the taste is fine but the act of eating is risky. I have a strong understanding that I can not think of a meal without vegetables. We understand the importance of fasting once a week to rest all the organs of the body. I think that the original number of meals of people living in developed countries is probably only one. Am I the only one who falls for competitions and events such as the Eating League? Food-related companies are constantly working on new product development to expand their business. I think that everyone should calmly judge and carefully analyze whether it is a health food and separate it for announcement of supply products. Why does the public who is sensitive to entertainment information not review food while knowing the news of cancer development? Why do you always get queued before the fast food chain cashier? Am I seeing ants lined up with a delicious meal named Happiness? I want to warn foreigners that foreigners should not eat healthy Asian food in a Western style. I think that eating is something like taking in something like a mental toxin. Saturating Japanese people expecting that medical technology is developing will reduce their life span. This is because Japan’s low birth rate and aging population make it difficult to receive sufficient medical care due to the shortage of young doctors. I was able to be impressed by the original taste of cabbage after a few years of poor bowel movement. I walk up to the station and use stairs instead of elevators to raise health awareness everyday. I was able to be impressed by the original taste of cabbage after a few years of poor bowel movement. I think that the state of non-car possession is the best thing for mental and physical health and global environment.

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