Ignorance of useless information

Ignorance of useless information

I love perception.
There is a strong desire to know what you do not know.
It is important to lead to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment through overwhelming education.
But it’s all about wise knowledge and information.
I try to forget the useless information I have collected in the past.
So I thought about what I needed to do to forget.
It’s an uncertain and opaque remedy.
First of all, I am absorbed in the cause and have confidence.
Then wait for the passage of time and specialize in your favorite genre.
This may be a remedy for forgetting past traumas and memories.
I vaguely remember the pain of quarreling and backbiting in the past at work.
But every time I remember, I don’t feel uncomfortable.
It was more than 15 years ago.
You can calmly deal with the unpleasant events that you have experienced as your life experience accumulates as you age.
I hope that I will be able to live relatively without suffering from stress and fear when I enter the middle ages.
If you think about things and live, you will have less chance of suffering mental damage.

Useless knowledge

I used to collect information every day.
But just collecting useless information was a complete waste.
Trivia is useless.
Useful information is perceived without permission.
Therefore, the act of deliberately taking the initiative in collecting information is useless.
Information should be collected under the condition that it is recognized as useful information.
My blog also has only useless information.
However, my blog has no articles about slander.
It’s just a sentence that expresses the feelings of the creator.

Useful information is a fixed article

Few people read this blog every day.
The reason for continuing to run a blog knowing that is a non-profitable charity.
I think it is new knowledge to understand the psychology of workers who make intangibles tangible in a poor life while working part-time.
So I hope you find only the information you need and find useful.

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