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Please do not miss vegetables and fruits

When I was watching YOUTUBE last evening I saw a video of a press conference on a celebrity cancer announcement. One actor who suffered from colorectal cancer died at the end of the fight against cancer at the terminal cancer for several months. He suffered from colorectal cancer because he had a stress of work without doing medical examination for several decades. He said that regular health checkups are important as prevention of cancer without subjective symptoms. Modern people have a risk of becoming seriously ill because they live in modern society and do excessive stress and irregular eating habits. Since the risk of developing cancer due to junk food is high, junk food is booming in developing countries and emerging countries against healthy food boom in the United States and Europe. In Japan, there are a lot of topics where famous people suffer from cancer on advertisements of junk food being circulated. I feel that disease is prevalent among countries filled with satiation and ego. I feel that it is necessary to understand that foods containing carcinogens are delicious but risk of developing disease.


Honest talk I decided that factory-manufactured food contains additives and can not afford safety. Thinking of the ocean situation never asserts that marine life is safe. Considering the current environmental situation of the earth I think that it is acceptable to admit that every food is not safe. Asian-style dishes strongly health-conscious can never be careful and healthy foods may also contain bad elements. For example, a healthy food sushi is good for your body but it is dangerous if you arrange for eating. When using a different sauce instead of soy sauce which is used as a sauce of sushi originally or converting it to deep-fried food, it makes junk food as sushi.

Additive free

Vegetables and fruits purchased at vegetable farms sent directly to the production area are highly safe but the most trustworthy foods are vegetables and fruits grown in pesticides with no additives. I think that you should acquire the habit of shopping based on the data posted on the label. Natural sweetness and umami are better than those made man-made.

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